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Looking for a way to send memorable gifts sourced from local Washington businesses? 

Our gifts connect you to local makers and their uniquely Washington products. Shop local, share a taste of Washington, and support multiple small businesses at once! Get in touch at to talk about your project, or fill out the form with your details!


From Seattle to Spokane to the San Juans and beyond, we are well stocked with products made by local small businesses from around Washington. We make it easy to share the local love, and products made by locally owned small businesses always make for a unique and memorable experience.


Our selection of unique-to-Washington snacks and treats offers mass appeal with a large selection of goodies that everyone will love.

We feature everything from luxurious spa products to housewares to a wide array of carefully curated edible goodies and gourmet foods.

Our products are screened for quality, and we've got the expertise to help you get your hands on the products that fit best with your timeline, theme, and budget. We offer an array of packaging choices as well as customization and branding options.

We keep plenty of product on hand at all times in our Colorado-based warehouse, so we're able to meet your needs quickly and effectively

We're 100% woman owned.

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